I just came into Old Harbour, Block, Island and looked around to find a place to drop the hook, for the night. Usually, there is a boat or two we know, not this Friday nite though, so we found a spot and dropped our hook and set the stern hook. The date was August 4, 1995, we wanted to play around with small Bluefin Tuna trolling for them.

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I had been listening to the VHF, on the ride over to Block Island, trying to catch a boat coming in from tuna fishing grounds, to get some info for tomorrow, no problem right, wrong. I started to look thru log book, from Aug. 4, 1994, I got some ideas. Now its time to turn the weather channel on, not to good for tomorrow morning, ok, the afternoon is going to be better, fine. Now its time to jump in my raft, and head over to talk with Jeff and Chuck, who run the charter boat "Tropical Moon", out of the harbor dock, and see what they can add to the fishing scene for me. I get there, and I'm told they are out on night stripe bass trip, ok, I said to myself, and headed back to my rig, for the night. Boy, is fishing info hard to get or what, as we all know, huh!! In this case, it was just impossible, not hard. Why is it, that NOBODY, when asked will give you the numbers, of where they were catching fish, what is the big secret, wow, unbelievable. Ask me, I won't say 30 miles S.E. of here, I'll say 14###, and 43###. Here is a good example, this is true, -- were heading out late, two boats, general area, at 1:00 pm on Sunday Sept. 3, 1995, weather finally breaks, going down to the 14400 / 43700, came out of BLOCK, say 20+ miles, about 2:00 pm, call on channel 5, R-JOY, come in, he answers, boat tells him he is heading in, he got 6 yellows, 30 lb. range, and has lost about the same number of fish, (this is a good friend of the R-Joy), R-JOY gives his position, and asks the other boat his, and also says we must be close by, as the #'s are close. Charlie Tuna says, where did you get the fish, reply is, East of the Dump, what a GUY??. We get down to the 14400 / 43700, nobody in sight. I call "Charlie", lets set in, (troll) to the west for a while, then turn, northwest, back to BLOCK, for the evening. I got 1-bluefin 30 - 40 lb. class, 'CHARLIE" GOT 2 – mushy, between the two boats, I used 50 gallons of fuel gone. We get back in, same friend calls, asks, where you going tomorrow, Charlie says, he didn't know yet, and ask again, where did you go today, reply, give you call latter, got to hit the head. Can anyone tell me out there, what one or two more boats in a fleet, would make a difference ??

Getting back to me, I get a hold of Tropical Moon, on the Sat. afternoon trip, and he gives me some #'s, from a few days early. As we are talking, Capt. Don Slater calls, from the charter boat INVADER, out of Pt. Judith, R.I., to tell me that at 14420 / 43850, the blue fin tuna are there right now, his charter is heading in now, just leave a few breeders he says. Now I would like to thank you, INVADER, CAPT. Don Slater, we took your info and had a ball !! Point is: Why can't we all give that kind of report, to another fisherman  ??

Well I started a all member club to do just that.. exchange good fishing trip info in 2002 and were headed for the 2019 season with 342+ members. Still looking for fishermen willing to share their fishing trip info, good or bad of  both Inshore and Offshore fishing trips. Good info saves both fuel and on water fishing time.


Well, have fun fishing!!

See you after my next trip, when weather permits !



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