Inshore and Offshore Members.. Club..

Started in 2002 and still growing.

We all seek good info so we can head offshore and hopefully get into a bite. Every year

it gets harder to find good info about what is happening from the Vineyard southward. Many boats would like to get the chance to fish

south of the Vineyard but need help in doing so. Most have never been south 40 miles or more and also going alone. We have

many members who fish this area and are always willing to share and help a fellow member learn the ropes to fishing this area.

Post on the board you are making a trip and ask who else is going ? It will not be to long and you will learn the ropes.


We all know the costs of just owning a boat, now add in the fuel bill, the fishing gear plus bait and a trip becomes costly !

Good fishing information is so very useful but oh what a secret even today.

Here in the North East we started a club to share our fishing trip information between members.

Inshore and Offshore info is shared covering a large area as our 280+ members leave from different ports. Postings on our club board helps locate areas to fish. Like other boards we do not allow sponsors, ads, or banners flying.

We do have a onetime 37.50 donation to join our club ?